From the Hotel Terrazas de la Candelaria, we practice the 10 sustainable commandments : 1. You will take care of the water
2. You will save energy
3. You will produce less waste
4. Use recyclable containers
5. Avoid using chemicals
6. Avoid the use of plastic bags
7. You will reuse paper
8. You will be transported by bicycle or walking
9. You will take care of the flora and the fauna
10. Think sustainable and globally and act locally
SUSTAINABILITY POLICY : - Compliance with the legal requirements and the regulations applicable to the sector.
- To develop its productive activities generating the slightest trace of pollution to the environment and seeking the progress of the economic and socio-cultural conditions of the region.
- Strengthen communication with visitors, guests, clients and suppliers to promulgate the prevention of sexual tourism, sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, as well as labor exploitation of minors.
- Promote the customs, beliefs, folklore and gastronomy of the area.
- Contribute to the social development and consumption of products and services produced in the region.